Front-Office Solutions

Full Web & Integrated

Use modern business solutions, based on innovative technologies!

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Documents & Reporting

Authoring & distribution

Create, duplicate, deliver and archive in a secured environment all documents exchanged with customers and internally.

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Relationship & Customer experience

Knowledge & optimization

Refine the management of the whole customer life cycle and conduct marketing campaigns to find new clients more easily and offer personalized and strict services to your customers!

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Mobility & portability

Swiftness & security

Access all information related to your activities from your PC, tablet or smartphone. Provide your customers with a high level of service while ensuring data security.

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Jiway, a European provider of business solutions

Strong roots and a rich history of experience with private management professionals enable Jiway to edit MozaIK : an innovative software suite dedicated to financial institutions and companies !

Mozaik, an integrated web platform for the Relationship Manager

Based on a long experience in more than 20 countries, Jiway is the specialist of full web Front-Office solutions. Users can build a customized client relationship and provide their own customers with attractive and complete reportings.


Docs & Reporting


Discover the business modules ImPressio, able to manage the whole reporting process from end to end: data recovery, creation of templates, generation, distribution and archiving of documents/reports for your clients.


Relations & Marketing


Discover all the business modules Kynox, from customer profiling in compliance with the latest regulations, to the implementation of appropriate and effective sales & marketing practices!


Best of Breed

Front-Office tools & solutions

Mozaik Front Suite has been designed to be easily plugged into your core information system. It interfaces also with most of the specialized tools, such as portfolio management systems, core banking & insurance softwares or tools dedicated to risk management.